Continuing on from my last is some music that you could try listening to in order to create more balance to your Manipura Chakra
  • Find a place you will not be disturbed
  • Sit upright on the floor or on a chair
  • Close your eyes
  • Feel the grounding on the earth with your sit bones, or with your feet on the ground
  • Notice how you feel, how your energy feels, your mood, how your mind feels and your breath 
  • Allow the music to play....Allow any thoughts to be acknowledged and then allow them to melt away and draw your attention back to the music. If at any time you find your mind wandering away (thinking of something) bring it back to the music gently.
  • When the music ends sit in stillness for a moment and notice any changed you may now feel (breath, mind or energy within the body).

I would love you to leave any comment with your own person experience of the music and your journey. 
Namaste and i hope this also helps you to being your balancing and healing.

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